Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Pastry and a Quandary.

So I sat on the front porch this morning with my husband, sipping Mello Velo coffee and munching on cinnamon rolls. Beautiful way to relax on a weekend morning. We talked about his upcoming trip to New York to recon the Battenkill route for April 2011...talked about his slaughter of the Tour de Gaps...talked about a screen door for our front porch...and talked about how sore I am from my measly 2.3 mile run yesterday. All of this, of course, just adds to my dilemma over whether (and where. and when.) to do another half-marathon.

For the record, I think it's totally reasonable to hash out the pros and cons of doing another half-marathon over a cinnamon roll.

My dilemma is this: there are plenty of half-marathons out there, some close to home and others far away. Some flat, some hilly. Some in the warm temperatures, others where it's cold. But it's a daunting process to train for months at a time. No matter what. So I find myself agonizing over which one to choose, thinking that will somehow make it all easier. I know - that sounds crazy, even as I type it!

One race that has lots of potential is the Battleship Half on November 7, 2010. Wilmington is beautiful and flat, and now my buddy Starnes has signed up for this race, her first half. So I'm awfully tempted to sign up, too. My main hesitation is that a.) it's on a Sunday (no rest for the weary) and b.) November is soon! Still, it remains near the top of the list...mostly because Starnes and I look like this when we run together:

You're scared now, right? Yeah, should be.

And then, of course, there's Disney. Ahhh, good ol' Disney. With snow and sleet and freezing rain, Disney was so very good to me the first time around. Crazy, epic adventure - start to finish. And part of me really, REALLY wants to do it again. Shelly and I had an amazing time, and I sort of find myself wanting to relive it all. But Florida's certainly not as close as Wilmington. And Orlando could be 85 degrees come next January (you never know). Then again, Wilmington doesn't have Donald Duck waiting for me at the Finish Line...

See what I mean? Dilemma! I'm really not sure I can decide. Seriously.

I think the whole point is that a half-marathon still intimidates me. So I want the perfect scenario so I can try it again...and I keep thinking that if I pick exactly the right race, that will somehow make it less, well...scary.

Hey, in other news, football season is upon us. Maybe I don't do either race, but sit on the couch and watch College GameDay for four straight months instead?! Possibly the best solution so far.

Somebody help?

Monday, August 16, 2010

V. sport health!

After lots of talking and plotting and scheming, V. sport health seems to have come to life!

It's a new adventure for us - training plans, nutrition guidance, medical coverage - lots of work and hopefully a ton of fun.

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The idea is to Play Hard. Eat Well. Be Happy.

Simple enough, right?!