Friday, March 12, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again

Last weekend, Erich and I traveled to River Falls, South Carolina, for his first bike race of the season. It was one of those late winter/early spring days that was perfect for our planned adventure. We hit the road early, complete with a tall white mocha (for then non-racer) and our favorite road-trip tunes. The mountains were beautiful, and it seemed like we arrived in River Falls in no time.

Erich's race went really well. I'm so proud of his dedication and training...even when I switch from Coach to Wife with little warning! He had a Top-10 finish in the race, which is especially cool because he mistook the 'bell lap' for an enthusiastic fan with a cowbell. Woo-ha!

We headed back into downtown Asheville after the race for a late lunch at Early Girl Eatery. We love that place, and we totally blame our buddies, the Hekmans, for that. A cheeseburger + an ice cold Highland Gaelic Ale totally hit the spot.

When we returned home, I decided to get back on the proverbial horse and choose more freelance articles to write. I took a little hiatus after my rejection a couple of weeks ago. But the new articles I chose have gone smoothly so far, and I submitted them both to my editor by yesterday morning. Fingers crossed! And the best part? Last night, I got an e-mail from Demand Studios informing me that, after careful review, my rejection has actually been overturned! What a nice feeling.

As we're approaching the end of this past week, we've had nothing too crazy going on. And we have a fun weekend planned with my family. Lots of relaxation together is on the agenda. Which is really nice because these next several weeks promise to be insane. And adventurous. And fun. But insane.

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