Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mochas & Schemes.

The last few weeks have been blissfully quiet. Nothing too pressing, just the everyday routine of working in clinic, hanging out with friends, and making the world go 'round.

Our book club met this past Thursday night, which is always a ton of fun. We discussed our latest book, Apologize, Apologize, and caught up on each other's lives over some brie and some fondue and some Riesling. Ahhh, just as it should be...

So this past Saturday morning, I woke up early-ish (for a Saturday, I mean) to meet up with my buddy, Starnes, for some girl time. We originally tossed around the idea of going for a run, but with the sky threatening and the coffee brewing, we elected to head straight for Starbucks instead. Naturally.

The morning was quiet, for whatever reason. We had our laptops open, and Sarah McLachlan's Greatest Hits album was playing in the background. It wasn't too long before the cloudy skies opened up. But we were so happy to catch up and hang out together that the rain just sort of added to a super-cool, much-needed morning. And so it was, over a caramel latte and a white chocolate mocha, that we started to plot and scheme.

Some small plans, you know. And some bigger plans. Even some of our biggest plans yet. Medical coverage for bike races. Maybe a half-marathon somewhere down the road. Lots of travel ideas - some well within reach, some a little more like a fantasy (yet). But I can tell you this - our Google Calendars (and our hearts) were completely full by the time we packed up.

A mocha or two, a few plots and schemes, and a little more Shake.and.Bake. Look out, World!

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