Saturday, April 14, 2012


Winter was mild. Not only in temperature, but also in the pace of life! And spring, by comparison, promises to be very full and warm. In fact, spring has indeed sprung.

Sprung what, you may ask? Adventures galore! And a bunch of gerunds, apparently.

We've been play-ing: Leap Frog and Little Tykes know how to entertain 8 month-old boys. 35 year-old boys, too.

And travel-ing: Lots of trips to see Meme and Granddaddy in Virginia. And Erich took a whirlwind tour of Washington, DC, a few weeks ago. Our journey to Toronto and back, by way of Cleveland and Pittsburgh, is next on the agenda. Not to mention the beach later this summer and race madness later in the year.

And cook-ing: Enchiladas and Southwest turkey burgers - we lived to tell of both dinners! Working at getting a few new recipes under my belt.

And work-ing: Teaching and clinic - most balanced I've felt professionally in a long time. (Read: ever).

And read-ing: The Hunger Games with the rest of the free world (so, SO good). The Kitchen House and Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, both entertaining reads. Next, a long-overdue date with Henrietta Lacks.

And (trying to get motivated to do more) runn-ing: I really think I must sign up for a fun race. Maybe two! It's no fun to get back in shape without a dangled carrot. Might need a little magic...

And imagin-ing: (See below.)

And plott-ing: (See above.)

And schem-ing: (You get the idea.)

And buy-ing: I was surprised to discover the timing was right for a beautiful (nearly) new Honda Pilot to join our family! Her name is Chuck Yeager, Charley for short. This particular Pilot hasn't broken the sound barrier. Yet.

And try-ing: Refer to 'cooking' and 'running,' in particular...

And (finally!) blogg-ing: What a busy spring so far!

And lov-ing: These guys. How can you not?

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