Saturday, January 26, 2013

Living. And Telling About It.

So...what if 'Shots & Stitches' were to morph into something more like 'Shorter Shots & Sweeter Stitches?'

And the reason I ask is because I realize I haven't blogged since, you know, last April. Which was one of three times I blogged all. year. long. Is it that blogging is less important to me now? No. Well, I mean, yes. But no, not exactly. Not completely.

If you go back to when I first started these writings, I was a PA practicing in orthopedics, reading books, drinking coffee, running races, loving my friends, and hanging out with the coolest guy I know. Flash forward a few blog posts (and years!) later, and I'm a PA practicing in anesthesia while trying to teach other people how cool it is to be a PA, too; still reading books and drinking (more) coffee; running (fewer) races; forever loving my friends (in spite of our crazybusy lives); and now hanging out with the coolest two guys I know. See what I did there? Did you see that?

I got older. No, wait! That's not it.

I'm But without telling about it. And even that's probably not exactly true, if you decide that Facebook and Twitter constitute 'telling about it.' Me personally? I do think that counts for something. But I was thinking that maybe if I let myself 'live and tell about it' in shorter spurts, maybe (just maybe) I'll be able to add a little blogging back into the balance, too.

So you should consider yourself warned because it's probably gonna look kind of crazy.

Like mochas meet Legos. Like BoOk CLuB meets New Balance. Like 'Real Simple' magazine meets takeout-Thai. Like Sesame Street meets Downton Abbey.

Oh, it could so happen. And I hope it does. Because I really want to live and tell about it.

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  1. oh that is so great!! Lovely really. REALLY!!!