Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lured to the Lake.

So it kind of happened like this.

A bunch of guys and a bunch of girls became great friends a long time ago. As far as anyone can tell, they started reshaping each other's lives no later than their high school days. And I think they have plenty of stories they could tell you to back me up on that one. Then away from home they went - to Athens and Blacksburg, to Chapel Hill and Charlottesville, and lots of places in between. The guys soon decided to take a turn as rockstars, and the band called Argus was born.

Now, just so you know, you're in one of two categories: you've either been to an Argus show already, or you just haven't been to an Argus show yet.

College days and road trips thickened the bonds that were, from all accounts, pretty strong to begin with.

Then flash forward a few years. Graduations, new jobs, and a serious relationship or two. Pretty soon, this same bunch of guys and girls expanded to include more girls and more guys. And the hits kept coming. Let me be clear - by "hits" I'm referring less to the Billboard charts and more to things like pleather pants. Sigh.

So it just so happens that I was lucky enough to merge into this wild and crazy bunch when I married the lead guitarist of Argus. It's true that People Magazine and E! Entertainment did not cover the wedding. But it was awesome just the same.

It took no time at all for me to realize that these friends were now my friends, too. And these are some really cool people. They're the kind of people you're genuinely happy to have your husband call his best friends. I think they helped mold him into the guy he is today, so I usually give them plenty of credit (read: occasional blame). Truth be told, I'm so happy my son gets to grow up with people like this in his life.

Speaking of that, what about the adorable Argus kids? First, a beautiful baby girl...then three more mini-rockstars came along in July, August, and September of 2011. If I didn't know better, I'd think the band had a plan. Another sweet girl joined the mix just this past summer with another little one scheduled to arrive next spring...and there are surely more to come.

So maybe now you can understand how it is that I found myself on the shoreline of Lake Lure, North Carolina, this past weekend. After months of planning, this super group of friends migrated from Colorado, Virginia, Georgia, and North Carolina to convene at a big house on the lake.

What does a weekend like that look like, you ask? Well, it's hard to say exactly. But if I had to put it into actual words, I would say it looks like road trips in overstuffed Honda Pilots. And chaotic breakfasts with sippy cups and five pots of coffee. Like pumpkin beers in the sunshine overlooking the lake and distant mountains. It looks like paddleboats and open-water rescues. (Don't ask). And hikes and snacks with little kids and big kids. Like board games and puzzles and football. Like burgers on the grill and chili on the stove. It looks like late-night talks by the fire. Like guitars playing and babies singing along (wearing onesies instead of pleather). It looks like the good life. Like lifelong friendships. Like love. And like something you hope you get to do year after year after year. For a really long time.

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