Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just About Right

It's been a good week. Busy, you know - but with things you actually want to be busy doing. I watched the entire mini-series of WWII in HD on The History Channel - 10 hours over 5 nights very well-spent. And I started and finished a wonderful book, 'Sarah's Key.' If you've never learned about the roundup of Jews at the Velodrome d'Hiver in France during the summer of 1942, you should consider reading about it. I never had...but I'm awfully glad I did. I might accidentally be on a 1940's kick...but what an era to reflect upon.

It was also a really important week in terms of my half-marathon training. I was scheduled for an 8-mile run on Wednesday, my long-run day. But part of me (okay, most of me) wanted to try for a slightly longer distance, just to see how I would feel. It was a little chilly when I started out, and I thought I might have detected a little mist in the air, but no big deal, right? Well, nearly 2 hours later, the temperature still wasn't out of the 40's, and the 'mist' had turned into a steady, soaking rain shower. But I had a new record distance of 9.5 miles under my belt - and I didn't feel as bad as I thought I might at the finish. Coldplay on my iPod may or may not have had anything to do with it, but I'll take it...

My week spent in clinic and in the OR was filled with its own challenges and rewards. The ethical dilemma of a narcoleptic colleague versus the rigors of six total knee replacements...hopefully nothing a little Provigil and 2.0 vicryl can't fix. Sigh.

And of course, I got to do one of my very favorite things toward the end of the week. I'm so simple this way, I guess, but few things make me happier than a coffee-esque drink and a bookstore. Not only that, but I also had the chance to catch up with a couple of girlfriends. I suppose they're partly to blame for my newest literary adventure. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the last 6 people on the planet to delve into the Twilight series. I usually don't automatically jump onto the proverbial bandwagon, especially when I can hardly squeeze in between fans of Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. Yikes. But so many of my friends (who have even more credibility than fans of 'Gossip Girl') have highly recommended these books. So Bella, Edward, and I come.

On Friday night, I kinda got a glimpse of what it might have been like to go on a date with Erich in high school! Sandwiches and soup first, then off to the big rivalry football game between Reynolds (the school literally in our backyard) and Mount Tabor (Erich's high school alma mater). Of course, we have a good buddy who plays for Reynolds, and they dedicated this season to their fallen teammate, Matt Gfeller (see 'Hot & Now' post). Plus, these schools really don't like each other, which makes it all the more fun to watch! A tough battle on the gridiron, complete with off-key band performances at halftime...capped off with a ginormous hot chocolate and an inspired comeback completed literally at the final whistle...and our backyard boys went down for the season. Happy for E's Spartans and his high school nostalgia, sad for our buddy and his heartbroken team. Get 'em next year, boys. But as they say, life really does go on. And for us, that started right after the game as we enjoyed a nightcap with friends at 6th & Vine. Mmmm, Shelton Riesling...

Slept in Saturday morning. Watched really exciting college football. Cheered on my William & Mary Tribe, in spite of their 3-point loss in the last 2 seconds. Suffered through a 7-mile run. Ate pierogies. Baked cookies. Weekends are where it's at.

And that brings me to today. A short run this morning, then a relaxing shower. Nothing like it...unless it's followed closely by husband-brewed Bali coffee straight from Juan Pelota's cafe'. I'm also trying out a new recipe for homemade mac 'n cheese. And if we like it, I'll bring it home for Thanksgiving next week. Being a big kid isn't so bad after all! Now I'm listening to The Avett Brothers. Autumn candles burning. Twilight book in progress. Blogging. Yeah. I'd say that's just about right.

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