Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Very Beginning

What drives someone to start a blog? To explore thoughts or opinions? To document a journey? To share photos? Maybe even to develop a strategy for crossing a finish line - literally or figuratively. Whatever the reasons, people start blogs every day. Maybe they last, maybe they don't. But there's some tangible piece of that person in cyberspace for as long as they choose to put it out there. And maybe in the process, the author or any one of the readers is better for it.

Maybe the question isn't so much why someone would start a blog...but more a question of why I would start a blog. Me. Sure, I think some part of me, maybe even a big part of me, would cite each of the reasons above as personal motivation for starting a blog. But more than that, I think the opportunity to start something new - without knowing exactly what it will become - is thrilling.

And so why the name 'Shots and Stitches?' I guess the most obvious theme would revolve around the field of medicine. And to be sure, that was part of the intent. But I also instantly think of espresso 'shots' - a reference that is more than appropriate, given my love of all things coffee. Lastly, I think of 'shots' as small doses - maybe of something helpful...maybe not. But I like that idea when it comes to blogging. Not every post needs to be a novel to have some sense of meaning.

And as for the 'stitches,' of course I have a continually-growing appreciation for sutures. They can often close seemingly insurmountable gaps...and how satisfying to bring tissue, needle, and suture together in a beautiful line. More relaxing than I would have ever guessed. But now that I try to run more regularly than (maybe ever) before, I also think of the dreaded running 'stitch' - something with which I've become all too familiar.

So the name is something that is representative of me in many ways. And this blog will, no doubt, also be something very typical of me. To share my thoughts or opinions...document my journeys...share my photos...maybe even describe the crossing of a finish line or two. Even if it's only for me to use as my own outlet, at the end of the day, that would be more than reason enough for me to start a blog. But if, by chance, it meant something to anyone else along the way, then so much the better for getting 'shots and stitches.'

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