Friday, February 5, 2010

Reading. Writing. (But No Arithmetic.)

I suppose I've spent the better part of the past week just as the title suggests - reading and writing. And I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Gone are the days of regular obligations to textbooks and term papers. It's different, you know, when you read what you like and write only because you want to.

Like most of the rest of the free world, I, too, have fallen victim to the Twilight Saga. And after flying through Eclipse, the third volume, I could hardly wait to sink my teeth into Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final novel. Okay, that was a terrible pun, even for me. But all kidding aside, these books are really, really good. Admittedly, I'm not usually a fan of other-worldly stories. But I have found this series to be different in all the ways that make reading so much fun for me - filled with emotion, suspense, friendship, needless to say, I'm fully immersed in the world of Bella and Edward and Jacob.

But even as I draw near the end of the Twilight Saga, I'm looking forward to reading more good books. As always! I'm actually really excited that our hope for something like a book club appears to have caught on. Next week, a few of the coolest girlfriends I know will gather to catch up, drink some wine, and begin our journey together through some wonderful books. I'm not sure I've ever met anyone whose life wasn't enhanced greatly by being part of a book club. So I can hardly wait to get started...

Besides reading my book whenever I've had the chance this past week, I've also snuck in a little writing - for fun, of course. I love tapping out some thoughts for my blog - it's been great for me. But I also learned of a pretty cool freelance writing opportunity just over a week ago. So I'm trying my hand at writing an interesting article or two. Who knows how that will turn out? I guess my goal is to be the most renaissance version of 'me' that I can why not?!

As for the upcoming weekend, there certainly seems to be some pretty limitless fun on the agenda. Aside from relaxing with a good book and a cup o' joe inside while it rains, snows, sleets, and hails outside, we plan to watch all the Super Bowl commercials (and yes, the actual game, too) over a beer with our buddies, plus shoot darts and bowl (Wii-fit style) with a bassoonist. It's not every weekend you get to say that...

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