Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Laid-Back...For Now.

This week has been so much more relaxing than the several preceding it. And though there was a wave of boredom + post-half-marathon letdown over the weekend that took me by surprise, I really think that just fueled the flame for new adventures. And you might ask what I mean by 'adventures.' Great question. Very same one I've been asking myself over the past few days! And the answer is something I haven't quite put my finger on. Yet.

One thought I've had over the past few months revolves around books. Okay, I confess - much of my entire existence revolves around books. Fair enough. So as much as I love to read, the idea of gathering with friends and talking about books we've enjoyed really appeals to me...something like a book club, I guess. Or more like our own (Nazi-free) version of a 'literary and potato peel pie society.' (Incredible book, by the way). I'm not yet sure of the shape this might take - who might want to be involved, what books we'd choose to explore, what wine(s) we'd be forced to sample - but it's fun to think about. So stay tuned - it just might happen.

And to be sure, there are other adventures in the works. I'm signed up for the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, South Carolina, this coming March. That whole trip should be a blast because just about the entire gang will be there, and I can hardly wait! But more on that later. And Erich's training is in full-swing for the Tour of the Battenkill in upstate New York in April. Creating a training plan for him has been an adventure in and of itself, not to mention the constant 'tweaking' involved in prescribing appropriate interval workouts or allowing for changes in weather. But that sort of challenge is really fun to me.

And speaking of weather, this weekend's forecast looks fantastically wintry. I love a good winter storm. In truth, any excuse to drink hot chocolate and read a good book will suffice (see Paragraph #2), but with snow on the ground, it's simply that much better. And who knows? Maybe some ice-induced downtime will give me the chance to chill out, to be laid-back. Or to think up my next adventure. Or maybe both...


  1. Paragraph #3 looks especially fun - I think I might like to join you for all of it!