Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Goofy Weather

So somehow we've reached the day before we take off for the Sunshine State. And you know, I use that term really loosely, especially since the forecast for Race Day becomes more laughable by the hour! As Saturday draws closer, the icon for rain showers proudly represents The Weather Channel's Orlando forecast...not to mention that the projected temperatures for that morning range from 28 to 34 balmy little degrees. It's kind of funny - the first half-marathon I seriously considered running was in Toronto, Ontario. As in, Canada. But the timing wasn't right, so my plan eventually included sunny, beautiful, warm Florida...Disney World, even! The Happiest Place on Earth! Well.

But I can't tell a lie. The more ridiculous the projected weather becomes, the more excited I find myself to be running this race at all. Somehow, I think I feel less pressure when I think of participating in a race of epic distance (for me) in an epic place in epic conditions...like maybe reaching the finish line is all the more rewarding. And maybe I lower expectations of myself because it's suddenly harder for everybody, not just me. Either way, I'm really nervous (a little less so as time goes on) and really excited (a little more so as time goes on)!

Hard to believe, but rain, snow, sleet, or shine, the countdown is finally on.

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