Saturday, January 23, 2010

Like a Willie Nelson Song.

So after taking exactly 13.1 days off, I knew that I'd be lacing up my running shoes again today. To be honest, as much as I've enjoyed the excuses of not having to work out for the past two weeks, a part of me really missed it. Maybe even a bigger part of me than I would have suspected.

It didn't hurt that the weather outside today is gorgeous. Nor could I claim the excuse of not eating well this morning. Saturday mornings are among my favorite times, I guess. And because of Erich's current training regimen, my Saturday mornings of late have been enhanced by his need for big, hearty breakfasts before setting off on his crazy-long bike rides. And today was no exception. I laid in bed and listened to the waffle iron heating up. Then I started hearing the 'pop' of bacon grease. And when I heard the coffee beans hit the grinder, I finally finally got out of bed. How could I not love coming downstairs to this?!

So after enjoying our tasty breakfast at my favorite little bistro table, I sipped a hot cup of Jittery Joe's House Blend and contemplated my run. I finally settled on doing my familiar short loop around the neighborhood, complete with just enough hills to justify calling it a 'workout' when it's actually just under 5K in distance.

I guess if I'm really being honest about the run itself, it wasn't all that enjoyable. I had a few new aches and pains, which were probably just my body's way of getting revenge for that whole 'half-marathon in the freezing rain' thing I pulled 2 weeks ago. (The medial joint space of my left knee and my right fibular head have still not forgiven me.) And I suppose I have to thank both Taylor Swift and Metallica for making a painful return a little more bearable. Yeah...don't ask.

I also thought a lot about my shoes, even while I was running. Having bought them one year ago this month, I know it's about time to replace them. But I've made a deal with them: because we've gone further together than any other pair of shoes I've ever owned, I owe them one more race in the early spring before finally hanging 'em up. And, you know, how could I not love how these shoes feel? They've been my favorites - ever.

Anyway, with Muse blaring on my iPod, I finished stronger than I started and actually felt fine. Relatively. It's always satisfying to check a workout off of my 'to do' list, and today was maybe a little more gratifying than usual in that regard. Who knows if these little aches and pains will stick around? And only time will tell what shoes I decide to lace up next. Either way, I have to admit it feels pretty good to be on the road again.

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