Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sunshine on My Shoulders

All hail the Sunshine State! Well, for now, at least.

So we made it to beautiful, sunny Florida late this morning. Thankfully, my dutiful husband took the lion's share of the overnight drive, though it was not completely without adventure. I'm not even sure that I'd ever heard of a cabin filter before last night, but I'm all too familiar with them now. From a woman's perspective, they're not too terribly important, as long as they're working. And when they're not, your car allows unfiltered outside air into the cabin at whatever the blessed ambient temperature may be. Which is totally awesome when you're going 80mph down the interstate in January. Right.

But you know, a hearty breakfast can lengthen a lot of shortcomings, including a chilly car ride. And the Cracker Barrel in Brunswick, Georgia, was the perfect solution today. Below, the young timer takes on the Old Timer's Breakfast.
Not long after breakfast, Erich resolved the cabin filter issue, and the car was warm again...just in time to cross the line into Florida. We made our way through rush hour in Jacksonville, then made a brief stopover just north of Daytona Beach. Chilly but beautiful!And that's when the 'Check Engine' light came on. You know, for me, the moral of the story is to not undergo car maintenance before taking a road trip. At all. Because that would just make way too much sense. In this case, some little hose had simply detached itself from wherever it's supposed to be. As you can see, it was Erich to the rescue yet again! He's definitely worth having around.
Before we knew it, we had arrived in Orlando, realizing we'd actually had one of those really cool road trips. We didn't even turn on the radio for the whole 9.5 hours. That's when you know you're trippin' with a buddy. Before checking into our hotel, we picked up my race packet from Disney's Wide World of Sports. Tons of folks from all around - friendly and full of good-luck wishes. In the picture below, you can see that I'm also excited our race weekend is finally here. But two things should be pointed out: 1. the sun casting its rays right into the camera lens, as if to suggest it's here to stay for a while. and 2. the wind blowing my road-tripped hair all around, as if to assure the sun it is dead wrong. Yikes!To be sure, we'll have many more stories to share as the weekend moves along. The rain+snowflake icon for Orlando's Saturday forecast is so ridiculous, it's actually kind of fun! So stay tuned. But for now, my chauffeur/mechanic/road-tripper extraordinaire seems to have the best idea of all...

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